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This is an AE first! We have decided to host the Encyclopedia on a wiki, instead of on the Battleon Forums, as the format of the wiki makes it easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

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When editing an entry, please sum up your edit in the short description of changes box, this makes it far easier for all of us.
Also, take your time with your edits and double check your work. Remember, it's not a competition, it's a service to help AE and the AQW Community. Thanks and have fun editing!

Any unreleased information or information gathered through cheating will NOT be tolerated. If anyone does publish such information in any way or form, they will lose their ability to post on this wiki. Please also DO NOT publish Staff only items.

11 Mar 2009 03:00

Announcements: January 9th, 2014!

rickyb20rickyb20: Please leave any rare tags on Quibble's stuff. It's going to only be staying for a few hours, so I don't want you guys wasting your time by removing them. Tweet is here.

The wiki team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

rickyb20rickyb20: Regarding Blade's b-day items, if you do find an item and choose to make its wiki page, please leave the location off of it. We are doing this at the request of the AQW Staff, since this is an item hunt. Thanks!

ApusApus: Hey everyone! Just a reminder that when you guys exit a page, DO NOT close the page by itself. Instead, please cancel your lock first before closing. Thanks guys!

rickyb20rickyb20: Imageshack is now banned from the wiki. When adding images to the wiki, please do not use it as an image-hosting site. Thanks!

ApusApus: Happy Holidays! I've seen a few people today add in 14 tabs to items in the Frostval Seasonal Shop today even though the shop was not there. PLEASE double check before you post. Thanks.

rickyb20rickyb20: Adding / Removing Thanks ruling update, please read here. Thanks!

rickyb20rickyb20: Regarding Memet's b-day items, if you do find an item and choose to make its wiki page, please leave the location off of it. We are doing this at the request of the AQW Staff, since this is an item hunt. Thanks!

Edit: I forgot to mention, please do not post the location in the Wiki Forums. Anybody who does so will have their post deleted. Repeated offenders will be warned. Thanks!

rickyb20rickyb20: Guys, PLEASE check your sources when fixing typos. There was a typo in the BrightFall commander shop that existed in-game ("commadner") that people had been attempting to fix because they assumed it was incorrect. Please remember that we record all typos that appear in-game. Thank you.

ShadowAQWShadowAQW: The Harvest season banner is now up. Enjoy!

The wiki team wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

We at the wiki would like to wish Alina a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

ShadowAQWShadowAQW: To help give the wiki some visual flair and help spread the holiday cheer, I'm planning on making seasonal event versions of the the AQW Wiki's main banner. The first seasonal banner is Mogloween and is now live!

rickyb20rickyb20: I've taken the liberty of creating a new thread explaining the Wiki Mod and Admin positions. You can read it here. I've also taken the liberty of updating the Problem Procedures thread to include what to do if you have a problem with me, the Head of the AQW Wiki. Link here.

rickyb20rickyb20: Guys, please tag and parent your stuff. I'm getting sick of having to tell people (including some who have even been here for months) to do so. If you don't know how to parent or tag, then read my tutorial. Thank you.

rickyb20rickyb20: Please do not use the name "Drakath" while on our IRC channel. Since he is an alt AE staff account owned by an AE staff member, and since he has his own twitter, we are considering his name an official AE staff name. Anybody using the username will be warned to change their name, or suffer the consquences otherwise (which will be either a kick or ban depending on the severity of the offense and the staffs' decision).

Staff impersonation is something that we (and the staff at AE) take very seriously, so please don't do it. Thank you.

ApusApus: Hey guys! I've been noticing people coming into the Wiki lately but haven't been reading the rules and the guides. I can't stress this enough: PLEASE, take a look at the the AQW Wiki Rules, editing guide, Image Submission Guidelines, and the adding/removing thanks rules before you guys start editing so that you guys would understand how to edit the wiki better. If there are any questions regarding the rules and the editing guide, please PM a member of the wiki team.

ApusApus: Lately a lot of people have been asking me and other staff on how to become a LoreKeeper. For those of you who want to know, PLEASE, read this thread if you are interested. Thanks guys!

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