Blizzy Cutscene


«Scene: Hero talking to Blizzy in Frostvale»
Hero: Hey Blizzy, what's going on?
Blizzy: Frostval is almost here!
Hero:** I know you Frost Moglins make gifts for everyone all over Lore every Frostval, but you guys seem even more hectic than usual.
Blizzy: No, I mean the **SPIRIT of Frostval is almost here!

Blizzy: She is the living embodiment of Frostval itself. She doesn't appear very often but she has decided to come HERE TONIGHT!
Blizzy: We just wanted to make sure everything is ready before she…

Frostval Spirit: Hello everyone! Happy holidays! I see you've been hard at work on your gifts.

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, Spirit! We're so happy that you could visit!

Frostval Spirit: I can only visit the real world every so often, but every trip is worth it.
Frostval Spirit: Greetings, Hero! I see that you've come to take part in the celebrations! Happy Frostval!

«Hero bows»

Hero: To you as well, Spirit.

Frostval Spirit: Tell me, what is your favorite thing about Frostval?

Frostval Spirit: Ha HA! Yes, gifts are a wonderful part of the holiday but there's SO MUCH to like.
Frostval Spirit: I ask everyone that question because I can never pick a favorite part myself.

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, everyone!

?????: …And very a Happy Frostval to you, too. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hero: Maximian Lionfang!
Hero: But… How? We all saw you jump out of the Golden Onslaught Tower after I defeated you and freed all the heroes of Battleon!

Lionfang: HA! You actually think that you defeated me? You only made me stronger.
Lionfang: My Golden Onslaught soldiers are fewer in number than before. After our last encounter the weak tried to flee…
Lionfang: …but nobody leaves the Golden Onslaught.
Lionfang: After we hunted the deserters down, It left only the strongest, fiercest and most loyal soldiers in my army.
Lionfang: Each of them is willing to do ANYTHING to ensure that good defeats evil.

Lionfang: You still think good can ever truly find a truce with evil, and I am the blind one? I think not, Hero.
Lionfang: It's the rest of Lore that is blinded by it's fear.
Lionfang: Frostval is supposed to be a time of peace. I say there will be NO peace until the last shred of evil is burned out of ever heart in the land.
Lionfang: I've made a list. I've checked it twice. I've found ALL OF YOU naughty!

«Lionfang traps the Frostval Spirit and presents in a snow globe»

Blizzy: The presents! The Spirit! He's taken them all!

Hero: Lionfang, you just made the worst choice of your life…
Lionfang: Easy, Hero. If I smash this snow globe, the Spirit of Frostval will be destroyed along with it.
Lionfang: …Not to mention all those gifts.

They are all property of the Golden Onslaught now!

Lionfang: Happy Frostval! HAHAHA!

«White mist blows by and Lionfang disappears»

Blizzy: We've got to save them.

«Good: We've got to save the Spirit!»
«Evil: Nobody steals my presents!»

Hero: Somehow I'll find a way to stop Lionfang with him smashing the snow globe…
Hero: …but I won't be able to track Lionfang through that snow.

Blizzy: Only one person I know of in the frozen northlands could have crafted that magic snow globe…

Hero: Lead the way. Lionfang will NOT ruin Frostval!

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