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Achievements, HeroMart & More!

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Achievement badges

betalarge.png rarelarge.png
You helped test AQWorlds

Requirements: Must have made a character when the game was in beta stage and verifed an upgrade AdventureQuest Guardian account, DragonFable DragonLord account or MechQuest Star Captain account.

HeroMart Badges

rarelarge.png speciallarge.png
This achivement is unlocked by using the code provided with the purchase of the Urkor Malravenous Toy.

Requirements: Purchased the 'Urkor Malravenous Toy' from HeroMart.

Other Badges

aclarge.png legendlarge.png rarelarge.png upholderlarge.png
You were in AQWorlds first birthday!

Requirements: Purchase a membership or AdventureCoins any time from October 1st to October 31st, 2009.

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