Boosted Items Sorted By Boost

CP, Gold, Rep, and XP Boost Items


A Note That Nobody Cares About
[1] An item may appear in more than one tab if it has at least 2 of the 4 boosts but less than 4.

Max Exp, CP, Rep
[2] Click here to see much is needed to reach max EXP, CP, and REP.

Temporary Server Boosts
[3] AE often gifts all players with temporary double boosts. To see which server boost is active, check out New Releases or the Artix Calendar.

Gold Cap Bypass
[4] Gold has a cap of 100 million. However, it is possible to bypass the cap. This can be done by having close to but less than 100 million gold and turning in a quest that gives a significant amount of gold such as the Awe-scention quest. Some players have managed to obtain over 130 million total gold via this method.

Gold Cap Bypass (but not really)
[5] Another way to circumvent the gold cap (not necessarily a bypass) is by buying and storing Gold Vouchers. When needed, each voucher can be sold for 25% of the original price. A way to look at this: Gold Voucher 500k stacks up to 300, sell for 125,000 gold each, and allow 37.5 million gold in reserve for the small price of 150 million gold and 1 inventory slot.

Types of Boosts & Stack Rule
[6] Similarly to damage boost items, these 4 boosts have a multiplicative stacking mechanism. Server boost, item boost1, and use item boost all stack multiplicatively. The same precedence rule also applies. If you equip Arcangrove Invoker (3%+ CP) and Dread Tank Cape (20%+ CP), you will only receive 20%+ CP. Examples:
Example Server Boost Equipped Item Equipped Use Item Combined Boost Math
1 Double Rep Boost Invoker Book Cape (15%+ Rep) Doom REP Boost! (1 hr) +360% Rep $(2 * 1.15 * 2 - 1) * 100$
2 N/A Cyber Dreadhaven Mace (15%+ CP) Doom CLASS Boost! (1 hr) +130% CP $(1.15 * 2 - 1) * 100$

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