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Incinerate special.png 6 Fire Discard 3 cards to raise an attack by 5
Scorch special.png 6 3 Fire Burn your enemy for 2 damage for 3 turns
Freeze special.png 7 Ice Enemy loses 1 turn
Ice Snap special.png 5 Ice Turn your total defense into ice Energy
Charged special.png 4 Energy All attack cards gain +1 damage
Fresh Start special.png 0 Discard all your cards in exchange for 10 water energy
Refresh special.png 4 Water Turn defense card into health
Blessed Strike special.png 5 Light Make an attack card unblockable
Holy Strike special.png 4 Light Hit for +7 Damage
Poison special.png 6 Shadow Inflict +12 damage over 3 turns
Void Reflection special.png 15 Create a shield to Reflect 10 Damage
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