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Re: Discussion by DarkfirekillerDarkfirekiller, 20 Nov 2019 02:38

How to correctly take images, please refer to Image Taking Tutorials or rather contact any of the Moderators or LoreKeepers.

Reasons why images are tagged under Need-Image:

Jump to Armors, Back Items and Capes, Helms and Helmets, Weapons.


  • Hair covering part of the armor or face. (Example)

Tip: Take images with Bald or Blank hairstyle. (Example)

Tip: Take images in Battleoff at the Cliff. (Example)

  • Armors with helmets, capes, weapons, are not allowed. (Example)

Tip: Take images without any of the items previously mentioned. Remember we only need the armor image, not provably combinations for it. (Example)

For non Legends, images can be taken with 8 and a half Inch Nails as long them don't cover any part of the armor. (Example)

  • Customizable with insufficient Color Custom details. (Example)

Tip: Take images with bright and different colors. (Example)

Back Items and Capes

Currently Whitemap presents difficulties with shadows, items that require of shadow for size comparison, please use the default one.

  • Missing size comparison. (Example)

Tip: For size comparison, images must have name, guild, shadow or head showing on them. (Example)

  • Armor, body or hair covering part of the item. (Example)

Tip: Take images with Bald or Blank hairstyle using Bodiless Horseman Morph armor, or with Coolest Invisible Ninja armor. (Example)

For non Legends, images can be taken with Tsukumo-Gami Morph.

Tip: Take images in Battleoff at the Cliff. (Example)

  • Customizable with insufficient Color Custom details. (Example)

Tip: Take images with bright and different colors. (Example)

Helms and Helmets

  • Armor or body covering part of the item. (Example)

Tip: Take images with Bodiless Horseman Morph armor, never with Coolest Invisible Ninja armor. (Example)

For non Legends, images can be taken with Peasant Rags or Tsukumo-Gami Morph.

  • Images taken with morphed faces. (Example)

Tip: Take images with armors with default face as Bodiless Horseman Morph or Peasant Rags. (Example)

  • Name or Guild covering part of the item. (Example)

Tip: For that kind of helms, take images with /rest emote. (Example)

Tip: Take images in Battleoff at the Cliff or Yulgar's Inn room 42. (Example)

  • Customizable with insufficient Color Custom details. (Example)

Tip: Take images with bright and different colors. (Example)


  • Missing size comparison. (Example)

Tip: For size comparison, images must have hand or shadow showing on them. (Example)

Tip: Take images in Battleoff at the Cliff. (Example)

  • Customizable with insufficient Color Custom details. (Example)

Tip: Take images with bright and different colors. (Example)

amv8J00.png u4uQFBN.png
Need-Image by AmdusciaAmduscia, 20 May 2014 00:36

For game related abbreviations/acronyms, please see the Abbreviations & Acronyms page.

Acc - Account
Admin - Administrator
AE - Artix Entertainment
AEF/BOF - BattleOn Forums
AK - Forum ArchKnight
Avvy - Avatar image
Cael - Caelestia IRC server
Chan - IRC channel
Char - Game character
CoR - Chronicle of Releases
Dev - Game Developer
DN(s) - Design Notes
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
IP - Internet Protocol address
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
LK - LoreKeeper
Mod - Wiki/Game/Forum Moderator
Op(er) - IRC channel operator (moderator)
Pass - Password
Pedia - Forum Encyclopedia
PM - Private Message
QA - Quality Assurance
Q&A - Question and Answer
Sig - Signature
ToC - Table of Contents
User - Username

Wiki Abbreviations & Acronyms by ZyrainZyrain, 16 Mar 2014 11:21


First of all, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to this Wiki. It's great to get new editors sign up and watch them grow into model assets on this Wiki.

If you ever have any questions (no matter how big or small), please feel free to PM a Wiki Admin, Moderator or LoreKeeper as we are always more than happy to help.

We understand that it can be a confusing time when you first join the Wiki, as there are many threads you have to read in order to know how to edit and adjust into Wiki life. Hopefully this guide will help show you where to start, with a breakdown of all necessary information.

Rules and Information

This is your first stop. You must read all of these threads first, before you do anything else on the Wiki. If there's ever anything you don't understand, make sure you PM a member of the Wiki staff for clarification.

  • AQW Wiki Rules - Our absolute rules. These 10 rules must be followed at all times. If you fail to do so, you could be banned from the Wiki. First and foremost, you must read these rules and make sure you understand them.
  • Adding / Removing Thanks - A universal list of when it is acceptable to add your name as 'Thanks' to a page. It also covers when you should remove someone else's 'Thanks'.
  • Image Submission Guidelines - We expect the highest quality images on the Wiki, so these rules must be followed if you want your image to stay. There are specific rules for each type of item.
  • Problem Procedures - If an issue ever arises with another editor or a member of the Wiki staff, this is how you should deal with the issue along with the chain of command.

Guides and Resources

These threads are here to teach you how to edit the Wiki. Use them to learn how to create pages, starting from the more basic of editing and working your way up to become an expert editor.

  • AQW Wiki Editing Guide - The master guide to creating pages and editing the Wiki. A lot of it is complex information, which you won't need to learn just yet as a beginner.
  • Wiki How To / Q&A - Not only does this thread cover the more basic tools to editing the Wiki, but it can also act as a Q&A thread where you can ask any question if you need help.
  • Tag Discussion - A comprehensive list of page tags that we use on the Wiki alongside their requirements, which can also be used to discuss and suggest new page tags.
  • Weapon Damage Thread - A guide to correctly calculating the damage range of weapons, along with a tutorial showing how your current class and enhancements affects the damage range of your weapon.
  • Image-Taking Tutorials - Tutorials on how to take the perfect images that will have no issue with following the Image Submission Guidelines.
  • Wiki Team - Learn more about the Wiki staff and the different roles on the Wiki. It also shows you which staff member is more appropriate to approach about an issue regarding a certain type of page.

Get Involved!

The Wiki is more about editing. It is a community open to all which we'd love for you to join and interact with.

  • Birthday / Leaving / Returning / Welcoming Thread - Announce your arrival to the Wiki by introducing yourself here.
  • Wiki IRC Channel - This is the Wiki's chat room. Come here to talk to other Wiki users and AQW players. Remember that the AQW Wiki Rules apply here as well.
  • Wiki Suggestions Thread - A thread where you can post any suggestion you have for the Wiki. Larger suggestions can be made in the forum itself as a separate thread.
  • Chronicle of Releases - Help record all the releases of AQWorlds. You can find more information, such as how to apply to work on the CoR, within this thread.
Note Consistency
(account deleted) 03 Mar 2014 01:24
in discussion General Discussion / Discussion Forum » Note Consistency

The reason why this thread exists is because in the past, we were never consistent with basically everything. Later on, we mixed up note usages which resulted in a large amount of confusion. In order to prevent similar problems like this in the future, we gather them all by stating official wordings so our notes will be solid and thorough. This thread is for recall, beneficial and informative purposes.

Note: If there appears to be a note that is not on here or if there is any problem, feel free to contact myself or any staff member.

Also See's

For Singles:

**Note:** Also see [[[Page Name Goes Here]]].


**Note:** Also see [[[Scissors]]].

For two or more:

* Also see:
* [[[Page Name Goes Here]]].
* [[[Page Name Goes Here]]].


* Also see:
* [[[BIG Dual Bowies]]].
* [[[Dundoo's Dual Bowies]]].

If you have not noticed, Also See's generally go last in note order because it's not important if you compare to others.
This may go to however long it needs to. Beware of having around 10 or more also see's. The reason is because a global list such as List of all DoomKnight Armors is created to prevent page expansion.
There may be an occasion where the global list does not happen simply because the reason being that the list is too general. (Example: Red Cape) If you are not sure, contact a staff member.

Anagram - Associates with names

**Note:** (Page Name) is an anagram of (Original / Real Name).

Boost - Associates with boost

During a Class Points situation:

**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a [Number%] bonus to Class Points.


**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to Class Points.

During an EXP situation:

**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a [Number%] bonus to EXP.


**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to EXP.

During a Gold situation:

**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a [Number%] bonus to Gold when battling monsters or turning in quests.


**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to Gold when battling monsters or turning in quests.

During a Reputation situation:

**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a [Number%] bonus to Reputation gained from quests.


**Note:** When equipped, this item provides a 5% bonus to Reputation gained from quests.

During a Damage situation:

**Note:** When equipped, this item does [Number%] more damage to [[[(Monster List Page Name) | (Monster Kind) Monsters]]].


**Note:** When equipped, this item does 50% more damage to [[[List of all Undead Monsters | Undead Monsters]]].

If the description clearly states that this item provides a boost with the percentage, do not add notes. (Example) If you're not sure, contact a staff member.
When encountering an item that deals with double, triple boost, please use 2x, 3x, Etc. instead.
If an item such as (Earth Orb) has more than 1 boost applied to it; split each with commas and connect the last one with and.
If you're stuck or confused on dealing with a page that appears to be similar to Medallion of Order. Talk to a staff member about it to get it solved.

Changed - Associates with evolve

Items that have the 'evolve' tag: (Example)

**Note:** This item was changed to [[[Item That Got Changed To]]] on [Month Day], [Year].

Items that were changed from 'evolve' items: (Example)

**Note:** This item was changed from [[[Item That Got Changed From]]] on [Month Day], [Year].

Please use proper Ordinal Number Suffixes when listing Day. (Example: 3rd, 22nd, 17th)

Class - Associated with class

**Note:** This class has the same skills as [[[Class Name]]].

For two or more:

* This class has the same skills as:
* [[[Class Name]]].
* [[[Class Name]]].

Click2change - Associated with click2change

This one bends to several directions. Usually, we do not add the note, but we add another image to display what the item looks like when clicked.
If the image has a complex spot on where to click in order to change, add a note or a picture that can indicate where to click. ( Example)
If there are no pictures showing the animation, add a note on a choice of your wording.

Default note:

**Note:** Click to activate or deactivate item animation.

If the item has an animation that eventually returns back to its normal version.

**Note:** Click to activate item animation.

If the item has many versions attached to it.

**Note:** Click to change between versions.

Color Custom - Associates with colorcustom and full-color

List of all Color Properties:

  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Eye
  • Base
  • Trim
  • Accessory

**Note:** Color Custom to (Color Property) Color.

Because we like to be specific, it's always best to indicate which parts are Color Custom. If you are having problems, contact a staff member and they may assist you for identifying the part that is Color Custom.
At times, the item's description may contain the Color Custom details. If the detail is not specific enough, then add the note.

If two or more Color Custom properties:

* Color Custom to (First Color Custom Property)
* Color Custom to (Second Color Custom Property)

If the item appears to have more than one Color Custom property; list them all, and place them just like how the list did above.
For Armors and Helms, we do not consider Hair, Skin, Eyes and Toe Nails as Color Custom parts because they're part of the Armor or Helm template.

Confirmed - Associates with anything that has an official mention from an official source

**Note:** Confirmed [to / by / in] [subject or source, and usually gets linked] [to be a (Number)% drop rate / that this item stacks up to (Number)].

Though this note may be vague due to the range, you'll have to decide how to work this note out.

Daily - Associates with daily

These generally fall under the quest pages, and never the item pages.

**Note:** This quest can only be completed **once** a day.

Or if it's a global note as in referring the entire page or the entire set of a section.

**Note:** These quests can only be completed **once** a day.

If the quest is open on a specific day:

**Note:** This quest is only available on (Day).

Global note:

**Note:** These quests are only available on (Day).

Reminder that these notes are done separately if the quest qualifies all conditions.

Equip2change - Associated with equip2change

**Note:** This item changes when you relog or re-equip it.

Form - Associates with randomlygenerated

**Note:** Has many different forms.

Given - Associates with items given for a particular reason - common note usage usually associates with prize

**Note:** This item was given to [a group of players or winners].

You may also want to state all the details you can so your way of informing may excel.
Below are examples on how you may decide to expand the note only if it's necessary and appropriate.

Date: (Example)

**Note:** This item was given to 2nd Upholders on November 3rd, 2010.

Reason: (Example)

**Note:** This item was given to the winner of the [ Win an iPad Thingy...] contest through SuperRewards offers.

Reminder that you will never list any player's name.

Inscription - Associates with inscription

**Note:** Inscription on (Specific Part) translates to **"[Translation]"**.

Since this can be open to how you direct it or add, make it common sense so viewers may follow through and understand.
Nulgath Hieroglyphics are always capitalized no matter what.

Must - Associates with anything that requires a specific quest or set of quests in order to access

**Note:** Must have completed [[[A set of Quests]]] to access this [Shop / Screen].

If there is a certain quest:

**Note:** Must have completed the '[[[Specific Quest]]]' quest to access this [Shop / Screen].

If you are required to complete a certain quest to purchase an item from a shop.

**Note:** Must have completed the '[[[Specific Quest]]]' quest to purchase.

Not - Associated with properties to either counter descriptions or logical properties

This one appears to be self-opinionated due to the variety. It's totally fine as long as the note explains what appears to be false. Because we do not have many pages with these notes, try your best to create one. Below are several examples that may be able to assist.

(Example - is not Color Custom.)

(Example - This item does not do bonus damage to [Monster Kind] Monsters.)

Obtained Once - Associates with obtainedonce

**Note:** This item can only be obtained **once.**

There are at times where this note is not needed. Examples of where this note is not needed would be prizes, or special rewards.

(Example of the note not being needed)

Parody - Associates with parody

**Note:** This [Item / NPC / Monster / Etc.] is a parody of (Parody of the Subject).

If it's the description only:

**Note:** Description is a parody of (Parody of the Subject).

Now, Parody is indeed straining because there can never be consistency in this. The quotes are just roots, or openings for a parody note. Wherever it leads is within your decisions, and possibly staff as well.
It is recommended that you link the parody subject to a reliable source where it contains factual information. (Sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, Etc.)
Use quotation marks, bold, italics, when or where necessary.
If the parody content refers to inappropriate material, do not link or reference. (Even by all means, not tagging with 'parody')

Above all else, contact staff for questions on this type of note.

Previously Called

**Note:** Previously called **"Page's Previous Name"**.


**Note:** Previously called **"Mazumi's Upgrade Shop"**.

If the subject has been renamed twice:

**Note:** Previously called **"Recent Previous Name"** and then **"1st Previous Name"**.

If it has been renamed more than twice:

**Note:** Previously called **"1st Recent Previous Name"**, **"2nd Recent Previous Name"** and then **"1st Previous Name"**.

The key here is to list Earliest to Latest.

Previously Free Player / Legend

For items that were previously available to Free Players:

**Note:** Previously available to Free Players.

For items that were previously Legend.

**Note:** Previously Legend only.

Previously / Previously Not - Can associate with a variety with the exception of the above Previously mentioned.

**Note:** Previously / Previously Not (Whatever it was Before).

This can be open floor to many situations. One example would be that it could had been "Previously Color Custom" or "Previously not Color Custom". Speak to a staff member for clarification.
This excludes "Previously Non-AC" or "Previously AC" because the Price: and Sellback: already explains it.


Required - Associates with itemreq

**Note:** Required to accept the '[[[Quest Page Link | Quest's Name]]]' quest.

Two or more:

* Required to accept the following quests:
'[[[First Quest Page Link | Quest's Name]]]'.
'[[[Second Quest Page Link | Quest's Name]]]'.

If it is used to accept all the quests on that page or if the page has one quest… feel free to link just the Quest's Name.

Replacement - Associates with replacement

**Note:** [Replaced by / Replaces] [[[NPC that was replaced | NPC's]]].

If there is a set of quests that has to be completed in order to see the replacement:

**Note:** [Replaced by / Replaces] [[[NPC that was replaced | NPC's]]] replacement after completing [[[A set of Quests]]].

Or if there is a certain quest:

**Note:** [Replaced by / Replaces] [[[NPC that was replaced | NPC's]]] after completing the '[[[Specific Quest]]]' quest.

Requires - Associates with Factions

**Note:** Requires Rank [Rank Number] [[[(Faction's Name) Faction | (Faction's Name)]]].


**Note:** Requires Rank 10 [[[Vampire Faction | Vampire]]].


**Note:** This can be seen in the [[[Shop Name]]] shop.

If the shop has the name 'Shop' in it at the end:

**Note:** This can be seen in the [[[(Shop Name) Shop]]].


**Note:** Stacks up to (Number).

Be aware that we do not use "x" (Example: Stacks up to x5).

Starts - Associates to Pets that are 'questgivers'

**Note:** Starts [[[Quests that are activated by this Pet]]] when clicked on.

If it's only to owner:

**Note:** Starts [[[Quests that are activated by this Pet]]] when clicked on. (Only available to owner)

If it has an exclamation mark ("!"):

**Note:** Starts [[[Quests that are activated by this Pet]]] when the **"!"** is clicked on.

And of course add "(Only available to owner)" when the "!" can be only be activated or seen by owner.


**Note:** Still available for owners of [[[Item]]].

Themed - Associates with aethemed

**Note:** This [Item / Monster / NPC / Etc.] is themed from the [(Source Link) (Source's Name)] from [(AE's Game Link) (AE's Game Name].


**Note:** This item is themed from [ Year of the Horse] from [ OverSoul].

The rule here is that the themed subject must be created before AQW did.

Translation - Associates with translation

[Non-English Word] means **"[translation of the word]"** in [language the word is in].

(Example 1)

**Note:** Dōtanuki (同田貫) means **"sword that cuts through torsos"** in Japanese.

Chinese and Japanese has Kanji or Symbols that are within their language. We always include the symbols in the note.
If the word's definition appears to be a phrase, do not capitalize the words in the phrase.

(Example 2)

**Note:** Cuco means **"Pumpkin Head"** in Portuguese.

This is an example of showing the normal note format.

(Example 3)

**Note:** **[ Mapinguari]** usually translates to **"The Roaring Animal"** or **"The Fetid Beast"** in Portuguese.

Clearly, we may encounter a word that does appear on any dictionary such as the example above. Always do a search to explore for answers as these are possible. If you do encounter a one, please do it similar to the note above. If you are struggling, contact a staff member.
Final note is please spell out the word exactly the way it normally should in other languages. (Letters like é, è, ù, ç, à, ō, Etc. are basically what I'm talking about)

Used - Associates with mergeitem and questitem

For a Quest situation:

**Note:** Used in the '[[[Quest Page Link | Quest's Name]]]' quest.

If the Quest Page just has one quest or if the item is used in every quest on that page:

**Note:** Used in the [[[Quest Page Link]]].

If the item merges more than two items in a particular shop:

**Note:** Used to merge items in the [[[Merge Shop's Name]]] shop.

If the item is only used to merge one item:

**Note:** Used to merge [[[Item Name]]].


* Used to merge:
* [[[Item Name]]].
* [[[Item Name]]].

We capped the limit to two if both items are in the same shop.
However, there are no limits if the items has no connection to each other.

Final Comments:

As always, contact staff or myself if there is an issue. I intend on getting everyone to at least familiarize themselves with notes. There may be some notes where it just has to be discussed, but that's totally acceptable. I would understand if it becomes a bit difficult to follow, but worry less since staff can correct things and may state what is wrong. But again, contact us or post below if anything bothers you.

Note Consistency by (account deleted), 03 Mar 2014 01:24

Author's Note: If you have ANY questions at all, whether it's regarding helpers or the wiki in general, please feel free to PM me or any staff member on this list and we'll be glad to assist you

1. Introduction.
2. What is a Helper?
3. The Requirements & Things To Keep In Mind.

1. Introduction
Hi, Rickyb20 here. For those of you who do not know me, I'm a Wiki Moderator on this site and the current Head of Helpers.

You may be wondering why the Helper System was created in the first place. The Helper System was created to give some form of structure to the wiki. Due to the fact that the wiki gets so busy at times, the staff felt that it was necessary to have this system in order to even out the workload and reduce the stress on the other moderators/admins.

This thread will be explaining the definition of a Helper, all the requirements, and the do's and don'ts (should you want to become one)

2. What is a Wiki Helper?
Now, you may be wondering what a Wiki Helper is. In basic terms, a Wiki Helper is someone who has been hired by me to regularly help around the wiki, whether it be with editing, helping other wiki members, or specific tasks around the wiki.

Here's what you need to know about being a Wiki Helper:

  • You are assigned to Sections of the Wiki which you request, after the Head of Helpers has approved of these sections. It will be your job to keep the assigned page(s) up-to-date and free of errors.
  • If there are problems that you don't have the power to fix, PM one of the mods and we'll fix it ASAP.
  • If there are users who aren't following the rules, either send a PM to notify a mod, or send the user a PM telling them what they're doing wrong and what they should do. Or do both.
  • Having a positive attitude is important. If we find that you're behaving negatively towards users, chances are, you won't be chosen to be a helper, or if you are already one, you won't get promoted and, depending on the severity of your behaviour, may even be dropped from the list of helpers.
  • Helpers are monitored by the Head of Helpers, who is currently me, rickyb20rickyb20. They play a big role in which Helpers are approved and which sections they are assigned to. They will watch a user's progress as a Helper and make sure they are acting appropriately.
  • So long as you remain a helper, you are a member of the wiki staff. You must follow all wiki and AE game rules so long as you are using your Helper alias. If we do catch you breaking either wiki rules or AE rules, you won't be chosen to be a helper (depending on the severity of the situation), or if you are already one, you won't get promoted and, depending on the severity of your behaviour, may even be dropped from the list of helpers.

3. The Requirements & Things To Keep In Mind

We have alot of these, so make sure to read through them all carefully.

  • You do not have to be part of the team to help out. As this is a wiki, editing (most) pages is open to all. This is for those who have been around for a while, helped out a lot and want to be part of the team that manages the entire wiki.
  • If you're new to the wiki, we would not consider you for a Helper position. You'll need to familiarize yourself with the wiki and our ways of doing things before we can consider adding you. We judge by the quality of your posts/edits, overall behavior, and of course how active you are (which can be judged by the karma system).
  • We'll be looking at your history to see if you've proven to be helpful. If you qualify, we'll add you to the Helpers List, and send you a PM to notify you. Excessively asking me or other staff members while doing little to nothing will do you no good, and may get you removed from the wiki if it becomes a problem.
  • Being on the Wiki Team is more than just being a good editor. You must be a helpful and friendly participant of the Wiki's community. You should try your best to be involved in the Wiki Forum and Wiki IRC Channel.
  • Having a title does not make you better than others. All rules must still be followed.
  • The wiki is separate from the forums. Being a wiki mod does not get you any powers on the AEForums or in AQWorlds.
  • If you ask to be promoted, you will NOT be. Ever. We will promote who we see fit. If you ask, it tells us that you're in it for the title/power, and nothing more.
  • Activity is important. If you're a helper (or up), and you're inactive, you will most likely be removed. If you have been removed and would like to be a helper again, you will have to repeat the process again, as we won't know if you'll actually be active again or not.
  • Those who become helpers are eligible to receive the helper reward, Blade of the Wiki'd. This, however, is only given to those who are helping for the sake of helping, not for the sake of the reward. After becoming a helper, there will be a period of time where we check your progress, and if we find you're doing just as good as you did before, or even better, then you will receive the item.


So you want to be a Helper... by rickyb20rickyb20, 18 Oct 2013 00:06

Tags, it's all about the tags. You can always add in a new tag like "freelegend" to signify legend material within free pages. (No need to specify free legend quests since there's already a quest tag to be used for that)

AQW - Hina, HS - Raiken, OS - Hina
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Re: Legend Only Quests by HinaHina, 26 Sep 2013 14:59

Hey all, Mritha needs a list of ALL Legend-only quests. However, just using the "legend" tag on Quest pages isn't enough, as there are obviously a few Legend-only quests in a quest chain where others are free player… so yeah.

Legend Only Quests by ZyrainZyrain, 25 Sep 2013 23:34
Re: blah
ZyrainZyrain 02 Jun 2013 14:26
in discussion Hidden / Moderator » blah


Re: blah by ZyrainZyrain, 02 Jun 2013 14:26
HinaHina 29 Nov 2010 23:41
in discussion Hidden / Moderator » blah


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blah by HinaHina, 29 Nov 2010 23:41
Re: Images
mturfmturf 15 Dec 2009 13:59
in discussion General Discussion / Discussion Forum » Images

hope ur exams go well.

there may be a way to tell it where to enlarge as it uses span code (one of the wiki codes i'm not good with).
its definitely my favorite potential way to do images. if we can tweak it so it's better, then awesome.

sorry i aint making any headway on the changes. the christmas month in addition to standard life is rough. wtb the time and cognitive functions to do this ^-^

Re: Images by mturfmturf, 15 Dec 2009 13:59
Re: Images
HinaHina 02 Dec 2009 01:35
in discussion General Discussion / Discussion Forum » Images

I absolutely hate coding css, altho you can do SO MUCH with it…maybe even too much <.<

Anyway, without CSS looks good, as it doesn't shove the text away. Is there a way to choose which direction it blows up? cuz right now, it just enlarges towards the south-west direction, and I'm wondering if it's possible to center it…or something o.o i could play around with it, but i'll leave that til after my exams (which start next week x.x)

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Re: Images by HinaHina, 02 Dec 2009 01:35
Re: Images
mturfmturf 01 Dec 2009 11:27
in discussion General Discussion / Discussion Forum » Images

also, if we move this way and remove images from tabview, more iftag magic can be played with
invisi cc

Re: Images by mturfmturf, 01 Dec 2009 11:27
Re: Images
mturfmturf 01 Dec 2009 10:53
in discussion General Discussion / Discussion Forum » Images

indeed. point being we definitely dont have the space to host everythin on the wiki.

the css on wikidots is nice, it lets u simply add to the current layout without effecting everything. the css for this case is;

img.hover-full:hover {
    height: auto;
    width: auto;
    position: relative;

that gives the ability to add;


as a variable in the image code. it basically says "if mouse is over image, make it full size".

i dont pretend to understands css well, i'v only being trying small parts within wikidot for a week now. i stole the css from a community post and modified it slightly.

Re: Images by mturfmturf, 01 Dec 2009 10:53
Re: Images
pmk138pmk138 01 Dec 2009 08:38
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Shadow feels like I normally do. Luckily in this instance i do have a little bit of CSS coding knowledge so if you explain it to me in simple terms I'd likely understand.

On a completely un-related note…. My wiki pics folder is hitting upon 200 MB so your puny 100 MB is nothing :P.

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Let me be honest, I have no idea how this works. And I probably won't ever, despite how many times you guys try to explain it.

I like the one that does not use css (the avatar-like one), because it doesn't push test out of the way.

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mturfmturf 01 Dec 2009 06:57
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ok, pease see

i have been toiling trying to find a better way for us to display images.

i'll be adding size variables to the templates when i write them so all images per type (sizes will differ from helm to class for example) will be identical height. the width will scale effectively too. that will make for smooth work when we roll out the image dimensions. if a pic is too small it will be blown up and blurr, but an image too big will just be shrunk and be alright.

anyways, what i wants ur opinions on is what ya see on that page. what i wanted to do was invoke the "gallery" function. problem is u can only use that on pages where the images are embedded, not linked. we just dont have the capacity to hold all our images on the wiki. i have a folder on my pc created in july containing pics for the wiki an its neally 100mb in size. a wiki like our can only hold 300mb. if we did use it, it wudn't last. so then it came down to me trying to implement what i wanted from the gallery, namely the nifty lightbox feature. that took me thru trying to use css, an alien idea to me. and thats what we have on that page.

the top image does not use css. it steals the functionality in the wiki for when u hover over someone's avatar. it is unfortunately complex on code but shud be compatible with the infobox templates. if u notice this box actually hovers over the page. i don't think i can remove the link from it, however i can tell it to link anywhere (the image location makes sense). since this doesn't use css it can be implemented easily and without an admin.

the bottom 2 both use css. the code is more basic but will not work without doing some stuff in the admin panel. it too will be compatible with infobox templates. this on as appose to the above does not float over the page, it rather simply re-sizes the image, and pushes everything else out of the way. it does however load faster and doesn't "stick" in place like the above sometimes can.

for ease of discussion call them "with css" and "without css".
i like both. i prefer without css.
armor is a bad example, imagine these in use for things like locations.

Images by mturfmturf, 01 Dec 2009 06:57

I just always feel stupid when I read some stuff here because I don't get what this is instantly…

I understand some of the effects that we get from this like the ability to allow certain people to edit certain parts and also I think I understand the templates for categories (is it we can make it so if a category is monsters the only template you can use would be monsters?) but besides those possible two things I'm a bit lost.

On the other hand based on what I think I understand of this feature I do see a potential here depending on how we would categorize stuff. Categorizing pages in different ways might make this idea much better than a different way.

On the other hand to do this would take a while probably and the probable outcome would be close to zero. Also on the clone wiki wouldn't we all have to be made admins or something in order to do it?

Question: Does groups of people include separating by amount of edits? Maybe certain pages that are more likely to be messed up by noobs (list pages specifically) could be set to you have to have made a certain amount of edits, enough for a mod to know whether to take action or to know that that person is helpful and not a spamming noob.

Re: Categories by pmk138pmk138, 23 Nov 2009 02:39

off topic ^-^ :CC was suggested by coyote, we were discussing the merits of on character vs shop preview, and a valid point about cc came up. however, giving them their own windows may not be the way to go. i think we might be best going for in screenshot previews, or a second collapsed image in the same tab (probably the easiest actually). it's one of the things i need to write up in the new rules/howto.

on topic: as shadow said, the public would be unawares. we would clone the wiki, and take out time. cloning new pages from the live wiki and categorizing them would be a minor undertaking in comparison, even if we'd taken a month on the cloned one. but this is beside the point, no need to discuss how to do it, if we dont think it should be done.
i'm personally yet to find anything so awesome to warrant the overhaul.

Re: Categories by mturfmturf, 16 Nov 2009 14:04

CC = color custom, tho not sure if we really need it since there aren't all that many CC pages

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