GIMP Tutorial

I use GIMP to edit all of my pics. If you want to try GIMP for yourself, click here to download.

1. Zoom in on what you're taking by holding "Ctrl" and then pressing "+" on your keyboard (If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel. We want to focus on what we're taking, and zooming in allows us to do that). (Here is an example of me zooming in on Beleen. I am using the normal game screen size, and I am zoomed in at 250% (Note, do not zoom in above 300%, otherwise your game will go blurry and out of focus)

2. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (it should say "PrtSc" or something along the lines of that).

3. Open up GIMP, hold "Ctrl" and press "V" on your keyboard, in order to paste the image you took with your print screen button. If you have a mouse, you can also right click, click "Edit", and click "Paste". (Example pic) The picture that you took with your Print Screen button should now be pasted onto GIMP.

4. Next comes the cropping (for this you'll at least need a mouse or a touchpad on your computer with a left and right clicker. In the Toolbox window, select the "Rectangle Select Tool" (it should be the first one with a rectangle shape). Hold in the left mouse button and drag your mouse (or finger, if you're using a touchpad) along until you've created a box around what you're trying to crop. You screen should look similar to this (I circled the tool you want to click in red).

5. Now, hold "Ctrl" and press "X" on your keyboard (in order to cut the image). The image that you boxed in should now be cut from the image tat you took with print screen. Once you've done that, click "File" in the top left-hand corner, and click "Close". A window should pop up asking if you want to save. Click "Close without Saving". (Example pic)

6. Once again, use the shortcut in order to paste (hold "Ctrl" and press "V" on your keyboard). The pic that you cropped using steps 4 and 5 should now be pasted (Example pic of what your screen should now looks like) of what your screen should look like. If you have to, repeat steps 4 and 5 to make any adjustments.

7. Once you are done making the adjustments, click "File" in the top right-hand corner, and click either "Export to" or "Export…" (Example pic). You should get a window that looks like this. Pick a name for your picture, pick the location you want to save it in, and press "Export" (Remember the location you saved your file in, otherwise you might have a hard time finding the image when you go to upload). Once you press "Export", another window should pop up. Press "Export" on that window too.

8. Upload to and the rest is pretty straight-forward.

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