Hswiki Interface Guide (WIP)

NOTE: Using this test page to introduce an interface guide for the HSWiki. WIP. These are just a list of what needs to be added.

  • Formatting to be done SOON!
  • Images to come along SOON!
  • This will be placed under 'Other Info' as a guide. DO NOT alter unless you got something to add. Thanks! - Peachii

Information to know before starting

  • Level Cap - 20
  • News Board! - look every week for new releases info and special shops.
  • H.A.L. Droid - best device for everything you want. You'll need that every now and then. (Elaborate/expand this info)
  • The Story - see HS page The Story for story guide
  • Introduction: HeroSmash allows you to shift around screens like EpicDuel. Not fixed screen like AQW. You can fly around the map, too!
  • Events - Seasonal events all year round. Special limited time events. Rare items to collect
  • More… Ideas?

Your Interface

Get yourself familiar with the HEROSmash's game interface before you start the game! Various


  • Level / Name
    • Above the face is the level you're currently at and the name of your character.
  • Character Face
    • Click to have options of Char Page, PVP Score, Reputation, Leave Party, Close. Introduce all.
  • Health/Energy
    • Health is the health points you currently have. When it reaches 0 you'll need 10 seconds to respawn.
    • Energy allows you to cast your powers.


  • Canned Chat
    • No canned chat server atm. You can use as a shortcut to emotes or quick chat speeches.
  • -/+/X
    • Expand, contract or close the chat interface.
  • Shortcuts
    • See Commands & Canned Chat.


  • You'll need them. They act like skills to attack monsters.
  • Higher level = more powerful.

Exp Bar

  • Below the powers interface.
  • See your current exp/%.


  • Allows you to fly/float around.
  • Some maps like deathitude or ingiru requires you to fly to reach the opposite end.

Power Up

  • Restores your health and energy.

Bottom Right

  • From most right and down: Inventory, World Map, Current Missions accepted/completed, Settings.
  • H.A.L. Droid in the middle.
  • Introduce all.

Top Right

  • Player # Info / map name info
    • # player in <map name>-#####
  • +/X
    • Allows you to see which player is currently in the map

Other Interface


  • Blue arrow takes you to another screen.
  • Yellow arrow takes you to the another map/location.


  • Speech bubble
    • Blue star - NPC serves as Missiongiver for good faction
    • Red star - NPC serves as missiongiver for evil faction
    • Yellow exclamation mark - neutral NPC, vendor/non-vendor
    • Blue exclamation mark - good faction NPC, vendor/non-vendor
    • Red exclamation mark - evil faction NPC, vendor/non-vendor
  • NPC name
    • player NPC - highlight and click to bring to char page
  • NPC dialog back button
    • <image> - circle restriction sign
  • Button in green
    • takes you to another map
  • Sleep NPC
    • a new introduction implemented lately. You can't access when you click on the speech bubble. See Market Street's Cap'n Skampy.

Clickable objects

  • Animations when you click on a certain object around the map.
  • Can be dustbin, mailbox, fire hose-reel, etc. Some will have sounds too.
  • Clickable doors - allow you to enter a new screen.
  • Clickable EXIT button at the center top screen (in marketstreet) and Exit Door above the fly and power up button (in supercitymall) - lets you teleport back to the 1st screen/entrance of the map.


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