i totally misunderstood iftags. perhaps there is potential here. tag or untag this page with either member or rare

Hina: Genius!
Weena: Epic! That'd save a LOT of time!
Hina: well, i guess we can't do something like "if tag exists, don't stick it in", so we're gonna have to manually edit it, but of course, we COULD leave old pages alone, and only apply these to new ones (or let the busybodies do it if they get bored :P)
mturf: that is a good point, it wont be wiki breaking if they're only added to new pages. if we master invisible text in templates we can add instructions like above (see page source/edit)
Shadow: And this is why wikis are better than pedias! I'll be able to help edit all the old pages, I'm sure I'll find the time.
Pmk: aww i fail…no ac tag DX

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