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11 Mar 2009 03:00

Announcements: November 17th, 2019!

ApusApus: Hello everyone, this is a notice that the definition of the "backitem" tag has been updated to as follows:

this is an item for the back that doesn't fit the other "cape" tags (which are backfollower, backpack, backrider, backrune, backweapon, cape, and wings)

Starting from today, any back item page with the following tags listed above will no longer use the backitem tag and existing pages with backitem and one of the tags above will be having the backitem tag removed from the page. Please take note of the new definition. Please feel free to ask me or another wiki staff member if there are any questions. Thank you!

TristynTristyn: Hello everyone—effective immediately, the use of the "bugged" tag will no longer be encouraged or allowed. If you encounter a bug in-game, please report it to the bug tracker immediately:

You can, however, take an image of the bugged item so that there is a record of the changes made and reflected on its respective page.

Also, please notify me (or another wiki staff member) via the wiki or Discord when you do so that it can be addressed as soon as possible and not have the bugged content sit idle without any attention. Thanks!

Old Announcements:

ShatteredRealityShatteredReality: Remember, Friday the 13th locations are tagged legendsmall.png! This is because most of the year they're legend-only, and freeplayers can access them only around each Friday the 13th. Freeplayer items in legend maps like a Friday the 13th map should be tagged 'legendarea-free'.

rickyb20rickyb20: Okay, so regarding the Battleon wiki page, some new rules regarding the images:
- If you wish to update the page's images with NPC changes only, that's fine, but please don't keep the current image and put it under a collapsible as "Old", just replace it. NPC changes to Battleon happen at least once a week and the wiki page doesn't have enough text space to keep every single NPC change.
- If you wish to update the page's image because the map's art has changed or monsters were added to the map, please keep the current image and put it under a collapsible as "Old".

ShatteredRealityShatteredReality: There's now a new tag, the "pseudo-rare" tag (pseudosmall.png). This new tag will replace the rare tag on pages for items and shops that can still be accessed in-game if you have a certain rare item or have met a rare requirement.

rickyb20rickyb20: I'd like to officially announce that the AQW and AQ3D Wikis now have their own Discord server! This Discord server will be replacing our IRC channels and we will be discontinuing our IRC channels altogether. You can join the Discord server by clicking here:

Upon joining, please make sure to read the #rules-and-info text channel so that you're aware of our server's rules and any other information that may be useful to you.

My hope is that with this Discord server, we can create better communcation between the AQW and AQ3D wikis and their respective communities. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

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