Irc Test 2

For discussions, questions and suggestions on our IRC channel, please post here.

The AQW Wiki Rules and Caelestia Network Rules apply whilst on the #AQWWiki channel and Caelestia network.

Channel commands:

  • !wiki <search> - Serves as a search function and links you to the results.
  • !aqwchar <name> - Provides stats and a link to the character page.
  • !sellback <price of item> <AC/Gold> - Provides the sellback of an item (if AC, it provides the sellbacks for both First 24 Hours and After 24 Hours).

Please note that ShadowGoof must be present in the channel for these commands to work. A huge thanks to him for providing the command scripts!

To join the HeroSmash Wiki's IRC channel type: /join #HSWiki
To join the OverSoul Wiki's IRC channel type: /join #OSWiki

- Wiki Admins / Channel Admin = Founder (~) mode_owner.png
- Wiki Moderators = Admin (&) mode_admin.png
- Channel Moderators = Operator (@) mode_op.png
- Wiki LoreKeepers = Half-operator (%) mode_halfop.png
- Special Users / Tribute Wall Users = Voice (+) mode_voice.png

Channel Moderators

Channel Administrator:

Channel Moderators:

  • Furore
  • Gianna Glow
  • James Lu
  • Mritha

The Channel Moderators exist to maintain and moderate the #AQWWiki channel and uphold the AQW Wiki Rules and Caelestia Network Rules. Violating these rules will result in a kick and/or a ban from the channel. A Channel Moderator's word is final. If you wish to appeal an IRC ban consult with the Channel Administrator and if they cannot be contacted, consult with a Channel Moderator.

If any issues arise on the #AQWWiki channel, such as needing IRC assistance or users who are causing trouble, talk to one of the Channel Moderators instead of trying to handle it yourself. If you have an issue with one of the Channel Moderators, please consult the Channel Administrator.

Moderators are selected by the Channel Administrator from the helpful users on the channel. They are not necessarily Wiki staff. It goes without saying that to ask to become a Channel Moderator will prevent you from ever being one. Having this position in the #AQWWiki channel does not give you any power on the AQW Wiki itself.

The IRC channel has some great benefits, such as:

  • Allows group discussions for Wiki users and staff together.
  • A Q&A about AQWorlds, or the Wiki itself for regular or new Wiki users.
  • Organization and efficiency during release days.
  • A convenient and efficient way to talk, especially concerning smaller issues/questions/suggestions/information instead of using this forum.
  • Builds the Wiki community, allowing 'out of character' discussions, etc.

For those who don't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is a server used by members of the Artix Entertainment community, including the game and forum staff.
For more information and guides, please see the Caelestia IRC Guide and the Using IRC guide.

Common IRC clients include mIRC, a downloadable client, and Mibbit, a web-based browser client.

Feel free to PM ZyrainZyrain if you need any help.

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