Tag Classification Description
e836l0.png 1st Upholder Item Usable only by people who either upgraded or bought Adventure Coins in October 2009
24d1w12.png AC Item This item is purchased with Adventure Coins
sy8pkk.png Founder Only Item Usable only by Members who upgraded within the first month of AQW's general release
243rzme.png Member Only Item Usable only by Members of AQW
de9to1.png Rare Item This item is no longer available
2ag7yo8.png Special Offer This item is only available via a special offer
3483rqw.png Temporary This item will be lost when you log out.
6i78yg.png Armour Type Equippable Armour Item
mhy7tf.png Class Type Equippable Class Item
ehgbrq.png Cloak & Back Item Type Equippable Cloak & Back Item
2uft7xi.png Helmet Type Equippable Helmet Item
2dm9z4.jpg House Type House, Furniture, Other Items or Wall Item in the Housing Equippables
2gugtoy.png Pet Type Equippable Pet Item
21lmq9e.png Weapon Type Equippable Weapon Item
2uqddnp.jpg Misc. Type Unequippable Misc. Item
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