member item?

am i a member item? try and change my tag

^ Ahh so that confirms my fears D: Unless adding the whole [[iftags member]] thing is done manually, which is just as hard as the current way.

no, i have failed to grasp the utility. yes, it initially would be added manually to replace the image tag. and no offense, adding the second image tag is obviously going to give 2 images. the iftag would be a replacement of the current tag. but beside that u have also failed to grasp that this could be applied to a generic template. if a generic template is possible, it can be added to automatically give the template on every single new page. no-one would have to search for the images, and adding and removing tags would be simplified. however it aint solid that a generic template is even possible. and that aside, this was a point in case of me trying to figure out how the damned iftag thing works

This gets a little bit more interesting now. The last thing here was about how we would need to be able to make a template and look what we just got recently. A template. I never quite understood how this entire thing works nor do I understand fully how that template page worked because I tried messing with it but nothing changed it seemed. But I know that Mturf does understand BOTH of these things so what is possible now that we can do both of these things?
What's possible (and already done) is implementing this into the templates. Also, i think the reason why u don't understand how the templates work is because u don't know what's needed. What you need, to fully understand how the 2 templates work, are these pages: Armor, Armor Template test and armor infobox test. The armor template page is the actual template needed no matter which template format you use. The infobox uses {$these} variables as a reference that refers back to the armor template, so you wouldn't need to type in {$this} for every variable and instead use "|price =" or whatever (the | is like a shortcut). And you don't have to fill out every part with "25 Gold", "Location: blah blah" and so on, all you fill out is "25" in the price part, Gold in the currency part, and blah blah for the location, basically reducing a lot of typing :P
As for the Armor template test page, it's basically the same as it is right now on the main wiki, cept u just remove {$these} and replace them with whatever the actual thing is, like 25 Gold for price, or something. mturf's also added the iftag function on top of the page (surrounded by comment blocks so people won't edit it) so we don't have to add in the image tag ourselves and just use tags instead.

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