New releases Valentine's Day

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Change Log:

  • 200 ACs have been given out to any player who meets the following requirements:
    • You must be level 10 or higher.
    • You must have logged in between February 13th to February 20th.

Love Returns

Forlorn Love
Huggy-Bear Returns
Kewpid Returns
Last Knight
Lost Love
Love-Shrub Returns
Once Bitten
Mood Slime Returns
Nastasia (Monster)
Twice Shy

Big Daddy (NPC) Returns
Jim Returns
Nastasia (NPC)

Big Daddy's Quests Returns
Jagger's Quests
Jim's Quests Returns
Necromance's Quests

Big Daddy's Shop Returns
Friday the 13th - HHD
Prince Jim's Shop Returns
Quibble Coinbiter's Shop Updated
Unlucky Love Shop


Armored Snug Bear 15 acsmall.png Returns
Big Daddy Helper 15 Returns
Dark Snuggle Bear
Elegant Gothic Valentine
Elegant Gothika legendsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Valentine (Legend) legendsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Valentine (AC) acsmall.png
Evolved Rouge Armor
Gothika Vogue acsmall.png
Rouge Armor Returns
Royal Role Reversal Garb 15 acsmall.png Returns
Royal Romance Garb 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Snuggle Bear 15 Returns

Capes & Back Items
Chibi Bat Wings
Chibi Toxic Bat Wings
Collared Gothika Cape acsmall.png
Crimson Flight 15 Returns
Gravelyn's Doom Fire acsmall.png
Lucky Pink Cape
Pink Cape 15 Returns
Ruby Gothika Cape legendsmall.png

Elegant Gothic Violin & Bow
Elegant Toxic Violin & Bow legendsmall.png
Evolved Butcher Knife
Heart Surgeon 15

Helmets & Hoods
Armored Pink Snug Helm 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Armored Blue Snug Helm 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Blue Snug Helm 15 Returns
Curly Love is Blind Tophat legendsmall.png
Dark Snug Helm
Dark Snug Bow Helm
Elegant Gothic Dolly Locks
Elegant Gothic Guy Hair
Elegant Gothic Pigtails
Elegant Prismatic Dolly Locks acsmall.png
Elegant Prismatic Guy Hair acsmall.png
Elegant Prismatic Pigtails acsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Dolly Locks (AC) acsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Dolly Locks (Legend) legendsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Guy Hair (Legend) legendsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Guy Hair (AC) acsmall.png
Elegant Toxic Pigtails acsmall.png
Evolved Love Hat
Gothika Hair
Gothika Locks
Gothika Locks Top Hat acsmall.png
Gothika Top Hat
Gypsy Pirate Hockey Mask
Heart and Curls Hair legendsmall.png
Heart and Curls Top Hat legendsmall.png
Hockey Mask 2015 Returns
Love Hat 15 Returns
Love is Blind acsmall.png
Love is Blind Curls
Love is Blind Top Hat (AC) acsmall.png
Love is Blind Top Hat (Non-AC)
Mad Crush legendsmall.png Returns
Pink Snug Helm 15 Returns
Wavy Gothika Hair
Wavy Gothika Top Hat
Wavy Love is Blind legendsmall.png

Elegant Gothic Violin
Elegant Toxic Violin acsmall.png
Heart Breaker 15 legendsmall.png Returns

Misc. Items
Presents for Nastasia

Big Daddy 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Heart Dispenser 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Unlucky Quibble Bank Pet acsmall.png

Deadly Love Reaper acsmall.png
Love at First Scythe 15 legendsmall.png Returns
New Love at First Scythe legendsmall.png
Resurrected Hockey Stick

Diamond Ring Staff 15 legendsmall.png Returns

Black Valentine Sabre 15 acsmall.png Returns
Crimson Royal Hearts 15 Returns
Ex's Caliber 15 legendsmall.png Returns
Golden Heart Sabre 2015 acsmall.png
Heart Sabre 15 legendsmall.png
Heart Sabre 2015 legendsmall.png Returns
Lovely Heart Sabre 2015 Returns

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