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Visually, looks good. But the item sorting has gone back to being a bit of a messy list with no identifications. Maybe we should start adding mini icons in front of each item link? (like item identification icons; sword, axe, dagger, armor, class, cape, helm, pet, etc….tho for this we would have to update the icons and make them equal sizes…and line up with text x.x) ~Hina

i would stick with da old version on da aqwwiki :P ~ RW

I ran this idea past Ricky and a few others, and the general consensus wasn't very good. I could work on the mini icons, however I'm not sure it's worth the effort. I'm not trying to push for this style, it's just something that came into my head that I wanted to express visually. ~Shadow

This Week


Version 1

Swordhaven Faction Updated

Castle Roof
Swordhaven Updated
Swordhaven Castle Updated
Swordhaven Falls
Ultra Alteon (Location)

Wheel of Destiny / Wheel of Doom Updated

Chaos Dragon / Ultra Chaos Dragon

Chaos Invader (1) Updated
Chaos Invader (2) Updated
Chaos Invader (3) Updated
Chaos Lord Alteon (Monster)

Ravin' Skelly Updated

Ultra Alteon (Monster)

King Brentan the Loyal
Lady Celestia Updated
Queen Tara the Just
Queen Victoria the Strong

Lady Celestia's Quests Updated

AQW 5th Birthday Rares Updated

BattleCon Cosplay Shop Updated

Destiny Merge / Doom Merge (2) Updated

Investment Trinket (Shop)

Oracle Class Updated

Swordhaven Rep Updated

Version 2

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