~AQW News~

AQW's Seasonal Halloween event started last week and continues now with even more cool stuff! Once you've replayed last year's event, go and help the Cauldron Sisters in their Candy Shoppe. Check out the New Releases page to see all the new items you can get along with the new quests you can do this week!

~Mummy Mask~
This special item is only available by going to AQW via a link from a friend on myspace/facebook/twitter. Check out your friends now and see if you can get one. Don't forget to gift back by linking the mask yourself!

~AQW's First Birthday!~
AQW is 1 year old and our gifts have begun to open!
Prismatic Gift Box 243rzme.png > Birthday Member AC Note 243rzme.png
Pink Gift Box 243rzme.png > 1st Birthday Sword 243rzme.png
Purple Gift Box > 1st Birthday Cake Helm
Yellow Gift Box > Birthday AC Note
Don't forget to get the other gifts from Sweetish Fish before it's too late! The gifts open up November 1st!

~1st Upholder!~
There's still time to become a First Upholder! You can get the 1st Upholder Achievement Badge and a Golden Star Sword!

~Good news for Founders!~
The Founder shop is open!
This is your chance to reclaim your Platinum Dragon, and buy the new non member, Armored Platinum Dragon!
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