Quibble's Second Shop

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Quibble's Second Shop raresmall.png
Name Price
Armor_Table.png Chaos Symbiote Armor acsmall.png 1,000 AC
Armor_Table.png Shielded Centurion Armor acsmall.png 800 AC
Armor_Table.png Golden Centurion Armor acsmall.png 800 AC
Armor_Table.png Spartan Warrior acsmall.png 1,000 AC
Armor_Table.png Toga 10,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Red and Gold Centurion Cape 100 Gold
Helmet_table.png Golden Centurion Helm 5,500 Gold
Helmet_table.png Golden Centurion Commander Helm legendsmall.png 7,500 Gold
Sword_Table.png Golden Centurion Sword 5,000 Gold
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