Rarity Test

00 Common
01 Enhancement Only: +1 Quality
02 Enhancement Only: +2 Quality
03 Enhancement Only: +3 Quality
…. enhancements go up to 9 (Although only 3 are intended to ever be used)10 Unknown
20 Silly/Wierd/Bizzare
30 Rare (Hard to get)
40 Seasonal Rare (Only available during certain holidays)
50 Event Rare (Only available during event of that type)
60 Collectors (Special items from outside game, like Deady)
75 Epic (Super hard to get… or insanely powerful)
80 Ultra Rare (Super hard to get in a special event or holiday)
90 Legendary Item (NPC item, or Retired and no longer available in game)
100 Super Mega Ultra Rare (Never available again)

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