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easy c/p ref for color changing and stuff
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Hina = blue bold
Weena = red
mturf = lazy so doesn't use one
mturf quoting reens = simply bold
Shadow = orange
Pmk = green
Ashluv = Sea Green

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Simplified list of test pages

HinaHina: This homepage commenting system should probably be changed at some point, now that it's gone semi-public…. Anyway, mods, admins, please take care NOT to delete other people's work…or anything for that matter, unless they're your own pages. I did not bump anyone up for any reason other than for trusted individuals to be able to help out newer editors, and for older editors to tinker and help manage the site. Do note that this is a TESTING SITE, and data here can be crucial to some degree, so hands off the delete button (except when you've been requested to delete something for someone else who doesn't have the power to).

HinaHina: http://wqa.wikidot.com/tag-search-test Need people to test this out and let me know what you think. If I get a positive response, then it shall be implemented in the AQWwiki for public testing as well.

Oh my goodness I'll use this, instead.
Grawr. Hai Luv :3

I was just wondering, is it possible to change all the location addresses to the map name, while keeping the page name? As in, change Stalagbite Volcano to:

Stalagbite Volcano

if you know what I mean. If we have maps names as the adresses I just figured it might make it slightly easier for people who navigate by typing in the address, instead of scavenging the site. Just thought I'd say, cos it'd be kinda hard if someone's looking for a location, though it was there all along but they can't find it cos the url is completely different from the map name. :/
Ps: Pmk asked me to forward it to here :D

its a good suggestion done badly. has been suggested elsewhere. my response was that it would be better to have a list of "locations sorted by map name" the same way we have monsters by level. easier to implement, solves the issue, and doesn't clash with current method

I've noticed Beo and Vamp are becoming major wikiers, and I know they are both very helpful, so do we want to consider inviting them here?
Doesn't matter to me. If it serves to help them with wiki-ing, then go right ahead.
indeed. you're welcome to invite them both here. if they can't join with the details i gave u for some reason tell em to pm me and i'll sort out access. anyone counterproductive to the site can be removed but i'm sure that wont be an issue.

Wiki How-to Page - for editing
Comments/suggestions go on the Wiki How-to forum post

omg templates are so easy to implement. we will be using them, without a doubt. i'm currently trying to make infoboxes work to make the process a step simpler for noobs… i hope. but nether the less we will be using templates how they're meant to be used fo sho
ok, i understand both now.
the advantage of normal template is that it's nothing new, its pretty much what we do right now except its an easy paste into the new page creation. it is also easy for us to customize it as we see fit, removing note for example.
infoboxes on the otherhand are totally new. theyre very simple to use, but are harder to cutomize. however, they update dynamically. if we were to change or add something to the template, all existing infobox based pages would update too. i think thats amazing. take these two happy chaps for example; armor-infobox-test and armor-template-test. after creating both of them i updated the armor template to include the member/rare iftags. u will notice the template based page needs them to be added manually, but the infobox based one has done it automatically.
feel free to play around using both formats. they should both appear as template options when u create a new page. please dont edit the templates or create new templates unless ur hina (or reens/tlh if they join later). comments here or on the forum.
(So much for using the forum lol) This be some nice stuffz, GJ mturf :D
yea, i fail at usin forum. ur right that the "$" signs in the armor template dont do anything for that template, but they're part of the code for the infoboxes. if we did use the infoboxes we'd still need the normal template for it to reference. however it would mean users do have the option of using the standard template when creating a page, and then someone who understood the infobox template could come in and reformat the page into the ever morphing infobox beaut. did i mention i really like this? ^-^
Lol ya, i figured that after i played around with it. Infoboxes ftw, altho the only flaw with it is if a field isn't filled out, it'll just display the {$variable} which can be remedied by removing the entire line…but most people don't seem to DO that…regardless of whether we EXPLICITLY say it or not <.< *curses ignorant noobs* anyway, this will make our jobs a lot easier (at least the updating part o.o)
I'm afraid I don't quite understand how it works, but I REALLY like the result! :D It would make it harder to mess up, I think.
I agree with Shadow when I say…WTH??????? O.o. Can you explain in more layman terms exactly what the difference is?
Basically for the regular template, you're pretty much doing the exact same thing as we've been doing all along, except all that's been added are {$these} parts, which you replace with the actual value, like replacing {$Location} with Citadel or something.
Infoboxes are more advanced in a way that all you do is insert the values for each field and it automatically replaces {$these} values on their own, so if you put "Gold" after the "currency = " then all fields of the template with {$currency} will automatically be replaced by "Gold" (which is used in Price and Sellback). Try creating a page using those templates and play around. You'll see the diff.

Ok I understand better now but I don't think it'll work out good. People have a hard enough time as it is following the layouts set for usage on the homepage so I don't think they will ever even know about this.
People knowing about it isn't a problem. We'll remove the templates, and add it to the wiki how-to or something for references on how to use it. The infoboxes can be used by more technical users, while the regular template can be used by newer users (and any1 who doesn't feel up to using a new template format). The only difference is you don't c/p a template into a new page, but instead, choose a template from the drop down menu on the new page edit. It's really a simple concept that's easy to explain and use.
1. Create a new page
2. Select your preferred template
3. Fill in the blanks
It's easier, and more accessible since the templates are right on the edit page. You just gota select one :P
If user's can't do THAT much…then they shouldn't be editing in the first place =.=

I understand now! Thanks! :D
Bingo! There are user's there that I'm sure some of us don't feel should be editing in the first place and they totally disregard the templates. They won't care if this makes it easier for them because they just want to do their own thing.
sayin that doesn't help. thats the problem when using the human mechanic in any scenario, humans are strange beasts. having the templates will make it easier for everyone on the wiki including me, and the implementation of infoboxes allows for the retroactive auto updating thingamy. "people dont get the current system, they wont get this", irrelevant. the only thing that would be a problem is if we alienated good wiki users by using complicated processes. i seriously doubt thats an issue here.
ah yes, the not being able to remove fields with the infoboxes. thats tricky. either we find a way to fiddle it on the template or we start putting things like note on all pages with "N/A". hmm… i have an idea…..
ok, if we remove the note field we can do it like this: note test
i'm tempted to remove the CC images from the templates on do it within the image itself, there will be a lot of armors without cc. that was added b4 i figured out infoboxes. plus, we dont have to make em perfect. if for example we have an armour that has 4 variations, we'll make it oldschool.
That works i guess, but we haz another problem…"Price: N/A (Dropped by Noob) {$Currency}" lol
Pmk, back to the newbs doing whatever, even though they'd mess it up as they normally do, it's the process of learning and we'd sort it out the way we usually do, but if the go around making pages without even selecting a template, we'd need a few more mods to help fix it up… without mturf or Hina the wiki would basically be World War III. But tha's the worst case senario. The best one is, they learn, and thanks to the new system, most of them learn and we don't have to go around checking as much. But then again, this all revolves around the templates idea making it in, then us having to go through almost every single page in the wiki which I think totals to over 30k. We'd need at least 50 active people to do it in less than a day, let alone a weekday where us schoolers have to spend most of their day doing school and homework.
ah yes, i'v been thinking about the way we record monster drops independently of this but that is indeed another fault to the current template. with monster drops the currency tab will be filled in normally, wit what it sells for (ie, gold) even if it vendors for 0 Gold. but thats no cure. we have 3 options the way i see it;
1. find a way to make the template add the monster in the same way we currently do.
2. move the monster it drops from to the location, kinda like we do with shops.
3. add a new field. "Dropped by:/Sold in:". or something like that.
and yea, when we rollout the template change it will take a while for us to update all the old pages, but happily none of the changes will be wiki breaking, so we can do it gradually, no need for a single day zerg.
I checked by trying to do it to my testing page and unfortunately we can't implement templates to already-made pages. :S That means, unless mods and/or admins can do it, we have a seeeeeerious problem.
no we dont. i know that, i'v said that. templates are there for new pages, to make things easier. whenever there is a slight change to the templates someone aaaaaallways goes thru every page to fix them. once the change was minute, and one person did every page in a few days. well, this will be similar. except the people doing it will have to understand infoboxes. dont worry, if we implement it i intend on doing a lot of the work myself. i'v been slacking after all. but i'm sure i wont be alone. the big thing is that none of the changes are wiki breaking. links wont be broken, pages wont be lost. everything will still work. so we can go and do it all one by one at whatever pace we wish.
and no, there is no way to implement a template to existing pages, but that is what i'm trying to do with infoboxes. if we get them to work we can change the template and auto update every single page of that catagory.
I have been absent from here for a little while now (stupid addicting ED :P) but my main concern with this is that only us 5 will probably know that these exist. All the other people that try to help, and I use the word try lightly, won't be bothered to learn about these. They would just notice that the templates that some of them used off the homepage are gone and go to a different page to get them and use them. It would make more work for us. As much as these templates make doing this so much easier I think it would be making more work for us. And one more thing. We recently apparently started adding small mem/ac/rare tags to monster drop lists. How would we implement that into the templates? Is it even possible? Just something to think about if we do use these. I'd say we just don't do it at all because we never did in the past so why do it now. It just makes more confusion.
It's pointless to strikeout convos. If it's not needed, they would be removed. Simple as that. Now, about the templates, if everyone had your mindset, the world would still be filled with neanderthals (aka cavemen). Change isn't something that's easy to do, but it can be done. All we need is a little bit of time and patience to adjust to the change. I haven't really given it much thought, so I won't give much input into it, but i'm sure it can be done, one way or another.

i noticed some of u were trying to use html code. i dont think u can use it on wikidots at all.
in case uv never seen it this is the place u can find most of the things wikidot can do
I've seen that but I saw somewhere on there that you can use html coding on wikidot's so I'm still trying.
i aint gonna stop ya. just sayin it aint simple ;P
i'v found what ur looking for. it's called iframes. i have absolutely no idea how they work tho.

Using the iframe element one can embed content of any other web page. The syntax is

[[iframe url-source attributes]]

and it translates into HTML tags <iframe src="url-source" attributes></iframe>. The allowed attributes are: frameborder (0 or 1 allowed), align (left, right, top, bottom, middle), height (number of pixels or %), width (number of pixels or %), scrolling (yes or no), class, style

I tried playing around with that last week. It's easy to understand HOW it works, but getting it to work is another issue altogether, and it's just more complicated than it's worth.

a square character that might be useful as a faux bullet point - ■
Hina: oooo there's an idea lol
Square button is neat
Removing chat is fine, but ideas that may be used in the future can stay. This is one of those ideas that i think we could use, in case we decide to reformat stuff and add bullets, so i'm sticking it back in.
Okey. My bad. :S

still no reply from reens about "news". think we shud try and get some other opinions?
Hina: hmm, personally i think this will lead to more "AQW questioning" on the wiki…but still feasible i guess. I dunno who else could give us an answer to that, so for now, all i can say is wait for reens' response
indeed. i dont like it when my brain has a literal 50/50 split on good idea bad idea, i'm too analytical and un bias to choose. at the end of the day there's no rush
The News page is a nice idea, but it has to be 100% current at every
time. It may, as Hina stated, lead to a lot more Q&A on the Wiki and
that is NOT what the wiki is for.

indeed. so it boils down to 2 things. can we keep it current, and does having it outweigh the potential q&a fail? i dont mind either way.
ya know, if that's the case, we could always just link the DN's in the sidebar…or even on the homepage, assuming the lights are green for this idea
i'd be happy to link the dn's if the news is a no or not, its just deciding where.
On the note about AQW questioning, should we add a new rule, "No AQW questioning" ?
To be honest, most of the people who ask AQW questions on the wiki are people who are going to disregard the rules anyway. But it wouldn't hurt to add it.
True, but it'd give us a reason to warn/ban them, to prevent them from doing it again.
Don't we need an admin to actually ban someone cause I remember that as being one of the problems stated.
Hence the WARN/ban :P Admins/Mods warn, Admins ban. duh :P

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