Generic Template Example/test
**Location:** <map> - <town (if applicable)>
**Price:** 0,000 Gold/AC
**Sellback:** 0,000 Gold/AC
**Base Level:** (for weapons only) <- then again is this really needed? <_<
**Base Damage:** 00-00 (for weapons only) <-maybe we should change this to "Level 1 Enhancement Damage" or something...as a min-max dmg reference
**Element/Damage Type:** Light/Dark/Fire/Ice/Water/Energy/Wind/Earth/Stone/You get the picture (if applicable, only for weapons)
**Color Custom:** Yes/No
**Note:** Any special note about the item. (if applicable) <- I can't think of a decent description for this
-skills chunk- remove this line when creating page
**Skills:** (this whole skills chunk is for classes only)

[[collapsible show="Auto Attack" hide="Hide" folded="yes"]]

[[f<image http://i43.tinypic.com/azb85f.png]]
**__Auto Attack__**
**Description:** A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.
**Type:** Useable
**Rank Needed:** 0
**Mana Cost:** 0 Mana
**Cooldown:** 0 Seconds

[[collapsible show="*Skill Name*" hide="Hide" folded="yes"]]

[[f<image *skill button*]]
**__*Skill Name*__**
**Type:** Useable/Passive
**Rank Needed:** 0
**Mana Cost:** 0 Mana (Not Needed if Passive)
**Cooldown:** 0 Seconds (Not Needed if Passive)

-end skills chunk- remove this line when creating page

**Description:** Description of item goes here.

[[tab *name*]] <- male + female for armors, in which case, make another tab

[[image *image*]]


//[[size x-small]]Thanks to <name(s)>.[[/size]]//

lets pass on that for now

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