Start the fishing progression at Faith on the Battleon Town Square, and progress more from fishing NPCs in other maps throughout the fishing quest line. You will earn levels in fishing to equip better fishing rods.

A Fishing Node can be spotted after having a Fishing Rod equipped, Clicking on the node shows the pool to see how many fish are left in it and its power level. Nodes disappear when empty or left untouched after some time. Sometimes more than one node will appear in a body of water at a time, but they may not be the same color.

Fishes catched can be seen at Resources in your inventory, no inventory slots is taken, and can be sold at shops as a normal item.

Note: The previous Fishing progression is still available at Fischer, however the old fishes has no use and it was replaced by the new ones.

Fishing Instructions

Starting Fishing for the first time a mini game and a tutorial will appear to show how the mini game works, in order to catch a fish needs to hit the glowing line and glows indicating is possible to catch the fish. Each fish rarity has a movement pattern, learn how it works to improve your catch rate.

Each fish rarity and power gives a different exp based on your actual Fishing Level.

Fishes can be used for quests, crafting and can be sold for gold.

Finishing the quests will give you a Fishing Rod as a final reward. See the list below for the fishing rod quest progression:

Name Quest List Fishing Level Required Location
1. Faith Faith's Quests 1 Battleon Town Square
2. Gnobs Gnobs's Quests 6 Box Springs
3. Benthos Benthos's Quests 15 Island of the Dead
4. Mrglrglrgl Mrglrglrgl's Quests 21 Pointe Less Isle
5. Lauda Lauda's Quests 35 Battleon Social District
6. Ghost Captain Kodd Ghost Captain Kodd's Quests 40 Woundstock - Cursed Captain
7. Fischer Fischer's Quests 48 Battleon Social District

Note: Quests do not require fishing level to proceed however the requirements needs the fishing level to catch certain fishes.

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods and nodes are based on the power. Can be brought at Fishing Rod after acquisition for first time after completing the quest.

Can be equippable as cosmetic and only be saw while Fishing. Bobbers also can be customized to have a different looking same as rods, see a list of bobbers.

Name Fishing Level Power Requirements Location
FishingRod.png Ugliest Stick uncommonsmall.png 1 20 N/A Fishing Rods (Shop)
FishingRod.png Faith's Lucky Rod uncommonsmall.png 6 120 Complete 'Tipping the Scales!' quest Battleon Town Square
FishingRod.png The Greenguard Pole uncommonsmall.png 15 300 Complete 'Fishy for the King!' quest Box Springs
FishingRod.png The Rotting Rod uncommonsmall.png 21 420 Complete 'That Special Flesh' quest Island of the Dead
FishingRod.png Ko'oko'o Pa'ina raresmall.png 35 720 Complete 'Winner Take All' quest Pointe Less Isle
FishingRod.png Battleon Arch-Angler Rod epicsmall.png 40 850 Complete 'A Fishing Legend' quest Battleon Social District
FishingRod.png Guardian Fishing Rod epicsmall.png guardiansmall.png 40 850 Complete 'A Fishing Legend' quest Battleon Social District
FishingRod.png Sharksbane epicsmall.png 48 1010 Complete 'A Shark of a Tale' quest Woundstock - Cursed Captain
FishingRod.png The Ooze legendarysmall.png 50 1080 Complete 'The Ooze' quest Battleon Social District

Fishing Areas

There are multiple area's where you can find Fishing nodes. Some fishing nodes appear on multiple locations:

Location Fishing Level Recommended Nodes
Battleon Town Square 1 20
Battleon Town Gates 1 20
Mystcroft Town Square seasonalsmall.png 6 100
Box Springs 1-6 20, 120
Heroes Bend 6-15 120, 240
Island of the Dead 15-21 240, 300, 480
Frostvale 21 400
Pointe Less Isle 6-35 120, 240, 420, 480, 640
Battleon Social District 35-40 640, 700, 900
Woundstock - Cursed Captain 40-48 640, 840, 900
Battleon Sewers 48 1,000

Fishing Nodes

Nodes are designated fishing spots that require a specific base rod power level to fish there. Higher power nodes include rarer fish, and rarity levels are visually represented by the node color.

Node Rarity follows the same color as items. They appear in several colors: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. When a node is Red; that means you do not have a Fishing Rod with high enough power equipped.

Regarding nodes sharing the same power and fishing spot, the contents inside the pool is identified after catching the first fish on that pool.

Special Fishing Rewards

All Fishes

Fishing Node (Power 20) (Version 1)

Fishing Node (Power 20) (Version 2)

Fishing Node (Power 100)

Fishing Node (Power 120) (Version 1)

Fishing Node (Power 120) (Version 2)

Fishing Node (Power 240)

Fishing Node (Power 300)

Fishing Node (Power 400)

Fishing Node (Power 420)

Fishing Node (Power 480)

Fishing Node (Power 640)

Fishing Node (Power 700)

Fishing Node (Power 840)

Fishing Node (Power 900)

Fishing Node (Power 1000)

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