War Room


I can see that giving more motivation for people to work on them…but I don't really like the idea of adding thanks to cutscene pages, especially since it's pure text (and names aren't part of the script, obviously). Frankly speaking, I never liked the idea of adding thanks, cuz other than for potential bragging rights, there's no real merit (and you'd never see any thanks for any other wiki site, for games or otherwise). Hina

I understand where you're coming from with thanks, but it's a tradition taken from the AE pedia boards and there's not much we can do about it now. Anyway, I had this idea purely to motivate more people to work on the scripts, as we only have one or two people doing them. However, now that you mention it, the names could easily be confused with the script itself. Consider this idea scrapped. ~Shadow


«Scene: Hero and Daimyo talking.»

«Screen is on total blackout.»

Hero: I… think I'll stay out here. From all the weapons on the wall, that's got to be the War Room, right?

Daimyo: Arf! Arf!

«Blackout fades.»

«Screen shows Thyton talking to the War Room Staff.»

Thyton: Listen up, cupcakes! Working behind computer everyday make you SOFT. WEAK!
Thyton: Do you WANT to fall in the next Undead Invasion?

«Screen zooms out.»

Everyone: … NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

«Screen moves to Thyton.»

Thyton: Then training for the 2012 Ninjalympics begins NOW! 10 Laps around the Lab.
Thyton: GO GO GO!

«Everyone starts to jog.»

«Screen zooms out.»

«Thyton speaks to a rock with a funny mask.»

Thyton: You can't afford to take your safety for granite either, Geopetal. Now get moving!

«Thyton throws the rock.»

«Thyton faces the Hero.»

Thyton: You too, <Hero>! No slackers in THIS Lab! Get moving!

Hero: But… I'm on tour.

Thyton: MOVE IT!

Daimyo: ARF!

«Hero starts to jog.»

«Scene fades.»

Thanks to JohnTwoSevenSeven.

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