Wiki How To

Welcome to the AQW Wiki. This is a handy guide for new and old wiki users alike. We're glad to help anyone who wants to help but doesn't know how to do what's needed.

A list of Admin, my fellow Mod's, and a full list of members can be found here

Please feel free to post any question in this thread and someone will answer you asap (old questions may be deleted once answered), or alternatively you may pm me ( mturfmturf ) with any issue you don't want to post here.


  • Please read the rules before posting anywhere on the wiki.
  • We record what is currently in game, dont add any items /etc that aren't yet in the game.
  • Do not make personal pages for your character/guild/clan/etc.
  • Do not remove thanks.
  • Don't add rare until an item has left the game, even if you know its going to be gone soon.
  • Spend a moment to familiarize yourself with the commands within the edit window.
  • Internal wiki links are set using -
[[[page name you wish to link to]]]
  • Recent changes can be viewed via a link in the side panel. You may wish to filter your results.
  • At the base of the page is an "options" button, some useful tools live here.
  • When you edit a page, leave a note to say what you did to help other users & mods.
  • If someone edits a page and does not leave a note, use the history tool to try and find out what they did and why before you take any action.
  • If your entries are frequently being corrected by other users/mods, try to find out what you're doing wrong, it'll help everyone ^-^
  • If you find a spelling mistake on an item description/quest description/npc dialogue/etc, check it in game before amending. if there's a typo in game then sadly, we should have a typo here on the wiki
  • Notes and other additional information should be located the line above "Description" where possible
  • Try and edit with as few edits as possible, in case the pages need to be reverted. Do not use the "save and continue" button. Too many edits and we will lose out "history".

Here are some useful tools and guides to help you edit

Thanks to mturf, Hina, Beowolve, kururu999, Pae, and .shadow//

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